IMPORTANT NOTE: All Fayette County youth exhibiting a livestock project are required to complete a skillathon. If youth have completed the test out option, they are still required to have their book checked at some point between June 1st and the last species skillathon listed on the 4-H Calendar.   This year the skillathon and book checks will all be conducted virtually June 29th – July 10th.

Raising a livestock animal or caring for a companion animal is a rich learning experience. That first-hand knowledge can lead to significant competency and expertise, especially when youth have opportunities to reflect on and apply new knowledge.

What is a skillathon?

A skillathon is an event that uses the experiential learning model of doing, reflecting, and applying to test one’s knowledge. The word “skillathon” is derived from the suffix -athon, which means an event, and the prefix skill, or what is being tested at the event.

Skillathons are often conducted in connection with fairs.

In Ohio, skillathons typically include five stations, each taking about five minutes to complete, although stations can be changed to fit the time available. Some skillathons offer different age- or skill-appropriate stations for juniors, intermediates, and seniors. Youth move from station to station attempting to perform tasks such as matching breeds with descriptions, labeling animal body parts, identifying meat cuts, designing appropriate housing, etc.

2020 Fayette County Skillathon Plan:

The skillathon or book checks are a requirement for all youth in Fayette County to exhibit at the fair and will be done for completion in 2020. In preparation for the potential fair, we are planning to continue as such. This year the skillathon and book checks will all be conducted virtually June 29th – July 10th.

Ohio State Fair Skillathons 

You do not have to be an exhibitor to complete at the OSF Skillathons.

Information on Ohio State Fair Skillathons

Skillathon Study Tools 



Accommodations can be made for youth with disabilities through our Winning 4-H Plan. (The Winning 4-H Plan is relatable to an IEP in school).

To make an accommodation request, complete the Winning 4-H Plan Request Form (link below) and send it to your local 4-H Professional.

Winning 4-H Plan Request Form - two options:

Print and Write - print this form, handwrite your responses, then send 

PDF Fillable - open this form, type your responses, then print and send