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Fayette County Court House

Leadership Fayette a Community Leader Development Program for Fayette County.

Leadership Fayette County, Ohio Program

Overview and Goal:

Developing leaders for communities and community-based organizations through education and training has become one of the most valuable activities in many communities. Leadership development programs help to guarantee an adequate supply of effective leaders who are vital to the success of community development activities. They provide the basis for improving the well-being of people in their communities. 

Leadership Fayette is designed to focus on building leadership skills and knowledge and expose community resources to enable participants/graduates utilize to support community engagement and development of projects. As a public affairs/community-based leadership development program, Leadership Fayette seeks to develop and motivate a cross-section of leaders. These leaders will use their talents and abilities to inspire others and to foster a new spirit of energy, enthusiasm, and vitality throughout the county.


  • to develop increased leadership skills and knowledge through training
  • To increase community understanding and knowledge of community assets and their use for community development
  • To engage and encourage active participation and involvement in community social and economic affairs
  • To increase the importance of understanding diversity in community issues

Leadership Fayette is a nine month – long leadership training program starting in March and ending in November for participants graduation. Participants meet once a month for a morning session for 4 hours. In the afternoon embark on a community tour to explore businesses and important and exciting sites to familiarize themselves of local resource opportunities in Fayette County. Leadership Fayette, Ohio is implemented every other year.

Group / Team Project:
One major component of Leadership Fayette program is group/team projects. Participants are divided into two groups of four or five depending on number of participants. A group decide on a community issue or challenge - identified earlier during week one or two of the start of the program – and use the 4 Phases of the Project Management Life Cycle identified by Lucidchart Content Team and work to implement a solution of the issue in the community.2017 Leadership Fayette Class Graduation

Leadership Fayette 2017 Class Participants

                                                                                                                                          Participant (Chelsie Baker) in a class project











Participant Chelsie Baker in a Class Project

Participants take a Community Tour of the City of Washington Court House Fire Department 

Participants take a Community Tour of the City of Washington Court House Fire Department


Leadership Fayette has been postponed because of COVID-19. A email will be sent out to participants with furture dates.

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